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Top 5 Most Popular Pedigree Cat Breeds in the UK

Earlier this year a study was conducted using microchipping data to determine the most popular cats in the UK. Now obviously this information will not have included pet owners who haven’t had their cats microchipped, but it does still give us a good idea on the most popular felines that are found in the UK.

Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeds were by far the most popular cats making up a huge 89 per cent of the microchipped pet data. Mixed breeds could be any colour, be long or shorthaired have lots of different distinguishing features and so it’s often impossible to work out what their actual breeds are. Often the mixed breeds would be adopted, taken in as strays, rescued or bought locally.

5 Most Popular Pedigree Cats

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a native breed that continues to be a popular choice and is often taken to cat shows around the country. The coat of the British Shorthair is thick and lovely to stroke, while the build of the cat is muscular and stocky.


The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed, often a result of crossing Egyptian Mau with the Asian leopard Cat. The markings that the Bengal is known for comes from the Asian Leopard Cat and they are sleek and silky under hand.


Siamese cats are unique, lean, muscular and very slinky. The most distinctive feature of the Siamese is the face, triangular in shape with very large ears and the most beautiful soft fur makes them hugely popular. Siamese are known to be very vocal and they’re known for forming very close bonds with their chosen owner.


Persian cats have long fur and squished up soft faces and shorter legs than many other breeds. This is a glamourous breed with a calm personality, they love to sit on laps and have serious pampering sessions.


Ragdolls are super cute; they are another long haired breed that is very loving with their owners. Ragdolls are so called as they love to be handled and they will often go limp in the arms of their owners.

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