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5 Springtime Hazards for Cats

Is it safe to look forward to spring yet? We sure hope so and so do our feline friends. Spring is a time for lots of play, there are fresh flowers and plants to sniff and bat with soft paws, butterflies to chase and birds to watch eagle eyed from the window. Springtime is a joyous time for our kitty cats, but there are a few risks to be aware of too.

Cats on the Prowl

Cats can get pregnant at any time of the year, they can even get pregnant as soon as they have given birth. But with spring in the air, it’s an appropriate time to remind cat owners about the importance of neutering both male and female cats. Male cats will wonder far and wide to find a female in heat – opening themselves up to greater risk of being struck by a vehicle, getting lost or stolen and getting into fights. The risk of disease is high too, so don’t hold off any longer, book your cats in with the vets.

Flowers and Plants

How cat friendly is your garden and the other gardens in your neighbourhood? There are plenty of toxic risks in outdoor spaces that can leave cats seriously ill or killed. We have a list of some of the poisonous plants that can kill cats, but it’s important to remember that there are other dangers in gardens, such as:

  • Slug and snail pellets
  • some types of mulch
  • pesticides and fertilisers
  • Weed killers

Easter Eggs

Easter is in a few days, which means lots of delicious chocolate for those who love to indulge. Chocolate is toxic to cats (and dogs) so please remember to keep yours out of reach from your puss cat.

Allergies in Cats

Cats are like humans, some are allergic to all the glorious things that make spring so beautiful. We’re talking about grasses and pollen. Cats can suffer with allergies in the same way as humans, runny noses and eyes, itchy skin, they may also experience ear pain, hair loss and red and inflammation on the skin. If you notice any symptoms or a change in behaviour we recommend taking your cat to the vet for a check up.

Fleas and Ticks

It’s important to keep cats protected from fleas and ticks throughout the year. However, fleas and ticks are more plentiful when the weather heats up, so it’s time to be extra vigilant. Keep up with the flea and tick treatments and keep the house vacuumed regularly. Don’t forget to vacuum and clean any sleeping spots. Check cats for ticks regularly, especially if they have access to the big wide world.

Look for signs of flea infestations, such as:

  • Scratching
  • Black specs on the skin and on furnishings in the house
  • Hair loss
  • Bites on humans