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5 Tips to Help Protect Your Cats During Autumn

Keep Your Cats Safe This Autumn

Autumn is well and truly underway and winter is just around the corner. The evenings are getting darker earlier and earlier and the colder temperatures can be felt. These two factors are a cause for concern for many cat owners that allow their cat access to the outdoors. Here are a few tips that owners can use to help protect their cat in the colder seasons of the year.

  • Check with your vet that your cat is up to date with his vaccinations. The vaccinations help to protect against parasites and diseases.
  • All dogs have to be microchipped by law and we recommend that all cats are microchipped too. Microchipping can be very effective in reuniting cats with their owners if they get lost.
  • Cats are at risk of being hurt in traffic accidents at all times of the day but the risk increases at night. We recommend that cat owners encourage their cats indoors before rush hour hits, to decrease the chances of being hit by a car. Coordinate meal times with rush hour to reduce the risks of being involved in road accidents. We also recommend that cats are kept indoors overnight and not allowed out until after the morning rush.
  • Most cat owners already keep their cat indoors overnight during Bonfire night. However, Fireworks are a risk in the run up to November 5th and for several days after. We recommend keeping your cat contained overnight throughout firework season. Ensure they have everything they need access to, such as a cat litter tray, to reduce the stress of being kept inside for a long period.
  • Antifreeze kills cats. Make sure you clean up any spills (as cats like to drink it!), keep the containers in a safe place that your cats have no access to and keep an eye out for any spills in your road.

We install our cat containment systems all year round. We have DIY kits available and our finance option is now open, helping to spread the cost over 1 to 5 years. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the right cat containment system to protect your cat.