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5 Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe in Autumn

Autumn is well and truly settling in. The nights are a lot colder and we’ve even seen a few people turn on their heating already! Already the nights are a lot darker so much earlier and it won’t be long before the clocks go back once more. It’s time to take stock, shut down after the summer and begin the autumn and winter prep. Here are our 5 tips on how to keep your cats safe autumn.

The Health of Your Kitties

With the change in season, many cats can experience health problems that might need some extra attention. Look out for any changes in behaviour, signs of skin allergies, mobility issues and breathing problems. A trip to the vets can quickly identify seasonal conditions and you’ll be provided with information on how you can help your kitty feel fine once more.

Poisoning Concerns

In addition to seasonal health conditions it’s time to keep a close eye out for poisoning symptoms or threats in your neighbourhood. Slug pellets are a common cause of poisoning for cats and it won’t be long before the screen wash and anti-freeze is out causing heartbreak up and down the country. Prepare now by sharing information regarding anti-freeze poisoning with the people you know, reminding them to clean up spills and lock it away when not in use.

Firework Training

Fireworks can lead to the disappearance of many cats and other pets that flee in fear. Other pets that are kept inside may also experience stress and anxiety due to the bangs and flashes outside. It is possible to help reduce the fear by using firework CDs or streaming firework training videos on YouTube. Always try to get you pets inside around firework season and remember it’s not limited to 5 November, it can stretch out for a couple of weeks either side of that date.

Exercise Equipment

Cats often slow down when the weather turns. Encourage your cats to stay active and healthy by introducing cat shelves inside or outside the house. Activity centres are great and wand toys are perfect to get your cat moving. Many of our cat fencing families have added different levels for their cats to jump to and from in their secured garden to promote exercise. Increasing exercise is the perfect way of reducing the risk of obesity.

Fluffy Blankets

Dig out the fluffy fleeces and extra warm bedding as cats love to snuggle down in blissful hidey-holes in the cold and wet weather. Outdoor cat kennels are a perfect addition in the garden and cardboard boxes work great inside the house. Having little sanctuaries in the house is one step you can take to prevent your cat from wondering off too far in the hunt for a cosy sleeping den.

What steps are you taking to prepare your cat for autumn and help to keep them safe? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page