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7 Freaky Facts about Fleas

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about fleas. They make everyone itchy and uncomfortable. These parasites are not welcome on our pets or in our homes. As pet owners, it’s down to us to help protect our pets against infestations and that means applying suitable treatments on a regular basis to keep fleas at bay. The weather is beginning to warm up (spring is definitely in the air) and fleas are going to respond positively to the heat. To help remind you to protect your pets from fleas, we have 10 fun facts about the critters that will probably leave you feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

  • Fleas come into the home on animals, but we can also be part of the problem. Fleas, their larvae and pupae can be transferred around your home on the bottom of your shoes, slippers and socks. Gross!
  • Fleas love the heat and they are at their worst in warm environments. The warmth of spring and summer used to cause an increase of infestations. However, many homes now have central heating and so these parasites remain a problem all year round.
  • Fleas are able to jump over a meter in length and they reverse direction with each jump.
  • You can easily kill fleas, their larvae and eggs on your bedding and clothing with a warm wash.
  • Many animals are allergic to fleas and they can cause very uncomfortable and stressful skin conditions.
  • Smaller pets can even die as a result of fleas as they can cause anaemia due to all the feeding. Kittens are especially at risk.
  • A flea can sit and feed from one spot on your pet for up to three hours at a time! They can drink 140% of their body weight in blood. Disgusting!

Feeling a little itchy now? Take this opportunity to check over your pets for fleas or signs of fleas and check the date of their next flea treatment.