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Cat Containment Fencing: The Best Of Indoors And Outdoors

The popularity of ‘house cats’ or felines that live indoors, with access to an outdoor space such as a garden or patio and maybe a leashed walk, is steadily growing.

It isn’t surprising that more owners are choosing to keep their cats indoors, given that the risks to outdoor cats are increasing. Roads are busier and cat territories are more densely populated, which can lead to fighting and the spread of diseases such as Feline HIV (FIV.) Stories of animal cruelty such as the ‘M25 Cat Killer’ appear in the national news prompting fears about feline safety. This has resulted in cumulative popularity of keeping cats indoors, where they are not exposed to as many risks.

There are at the same time growing concerns among cat behaviour experts about whether keeping cats indoors compromises their quality of life.

TV vet, Emma Milne MRCVS, who is a leading animal welfare enthusiast, says: “I am a massive advocate of cats getting outdoors. When I talk to vets and nurses about stress-related problems in cats they are often indoor cats. Cats have natural instincts to explore a wide territory and can feel bored and frustrated when kept indoors all the time.”

There are ways in which cats can be allowed to roam while staying safe. One of these is containment fencing.

Our company ProtectaPet® offers cat containment solutions which enable cats to explore the outdoors without exposure to the risks associated with ‘free-roaming’. We offer cat fence bracketscat enclosurescat runs and ‘catios’, which enable the cat owner to control the territory with the assurance of their cats’ safety. We design bespoke solutions around the cat owners’ needs and the layout of the garden. Cat enclosures can be built around mature trees, privet hedges and garden features such as sheds, arbours and conservatories.

Our cat containment solutions are available to purchase for DIY enthusiasts in our online shop or customers have the choice to have them professionally fitted by the ProtectaPet installation team, who travel the length and breadth of the UK. 

Our products are intuitive with cat owners’ and their needs. We have been highly commended for several British innovation awards. But for me, the real accolade is knowing that we have saved so many cats across Britain and around the world.