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Cat Fencing vs Catios

If you are looking at cat fencing versus catios as a solution to keeping your cat safe in the garden, we've got some tips and videos to help you discover the benefits of each and choose which is right for you. When considering catios versus cat fencing, it depends on:

  • your requirements - do you want to have an expansive area to share with your cat or are you looking for a smaller space to give them fresh air?
  • your garden - smaller suburban gardens and terraces with patios are most suitable to catios
  • your cats - are they used to free roaming and would they benefit from access to your full garden? Or are they currently indoor cats that would be happy with sharing a patio area with you?
  • your budget - the projected price does not correlate with the amount of area your cats will get: catios use structural steel which can cost more over the same area as cat fencing. It is always wise to price up both options because the price will depend on the size and features of your patio or garden.

Watch our YouTube video here for a visual comparison of catios and cat fenicng.


Maine Coon in Garden

Cat fencing designed by the experts

Cat Fence Features

ProtectaPet Cat Fencing

Cat fencing enables access to grass, plants and trees

  • Cat fencing provides access to the whole garde
  • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
  • Patented technology and optimum aesthetics
  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoat
  • Double bend in bracket is enhanced protection for large cats

Why Choose a Catio?

Catios have mesh rooves so you don't need to worry about the location of garden furntiure

Prevent territorial fighting and disputes between Maine Coons

Reduce risk of viruses and diseases

Reduce risk of pests such as fleas

Kit your catio out with shelves and hideaways for enrichment

Helps your cat to feel safe from outside dangers

cat run

Our Feline Clients

Maine Coon Whiskers



Maine Coon in Tree


Maine Coon on Tree



"The fencing etc is unobtrusive and you can’t see it unless you are up close. It literally has been life changing!"

Rebecca, Trustpilot Review

Sam's Cat Enclosure Case Study

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