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Christmas Dinner and Cats – What Can They Eat?

Christmas dinner is full of lots of delicious foods that your cats are going to want to investigate and eat. Nothing is safe, so it’s important to know what’s safe and what isn’t for our feline friends. Turkey, goose and ham are not going to cause a problem on their own as they’re not toxic to cats on their own, but that doesn’t mean they should be fed to cats as these meats are a lot richer than normal cat food.

Tiny little bits of lean cuts of meat will be fine, but here’s what Christmas foods to avoid:

  • Meat that is cooked in or that has goose fat, stuffing or gravy in or on top of it. These are not suitable for cats. Keep the meat unseasoned and remember to reduce the amount of normal food you give to the cat to compensate for the ‘Christmas dinner’.
  • Onions are a big fat no-no. Onions are found in Christmas dinners, even if it’s just the stuffing. Onions are highly toxic to all cats and therefore they need to be avoided at all costs. Eating onions can result in anaemia and in bad cases can lead to death. Therefore, take extra care when feeding the cat from the Christmas plate and remember to keep all foods covered and away from curious cats that might be lurking in the kitchen.
  • Don’t let your cat lick any cranberry sauce as it’s too sugary.
  • Bacon is a high fat food, along with chestnuts and they’re not suitable to feed to cats.
  • Be careful of chocolates, they are toxic to cats, not as severely as it is for dogs, but it can still cause problems such as vomiting, diarrhoea, extreme thirst and seizures.
  • Potatoes both raw and mashed or roasted should all be avoided.

Christmas Foods Your Cat Can Eat (in moderation)

  • 1.Lean slithers of meat such as turkey and chicken
  • 2.Sprouts
  • 3.Swedes
  • 4.Carrots
  • 5.Parsnip

These goods are okay in moderation so there’s no reason why your cat can’t enjoy some interesting and delicious treats this Christmas. Share your festive kitty pics with us over on the ProtectaPet Facebook page.