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Croydon Cat Killer Documentary - Raising Awareness

A documentary focusing on the Croydon Cat Killer has been released on VICE. Titled “To Catch a Cat Killer’ the film investigates the mutilation and deaths of over 300 animals in the UK. Two members from SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty), Boudicca Rising and Tony Jenkins, were followed during their investigations. Both individuals have been working on the investigation since 2016.

Veterinarian Dean Lewis was approached by VICE. Mr Lewis believes that the murders are not the work of a single individual. He said that all the animals died from blunt force trauma and most were decapitated and had amputations. However, there are some fluctuations in the nature of the amputations, some being done with obvious skill while others were amputated crudely. As a result, Mr Lewis doesn’t believe that each cat he has examined was killed by the same person. The experts from the Goldsmiths’ Forensic Physiology Unit suggested that there are still missing pieces from the puzzle.

Keeping an Open Mind

Boudicca believes that just one person is responsible. Responding to Mr Lewis’s statement regarding fluctuations, Boudicca said that there will be differences when using a torch light to when using an electric light. She also added that SNARL is keeping an open mind.

Since the release of the documentary more people are coming to realise the true extend of the horror of the investigation. It’s opened many eyes and Boadicea and her partner Tony are hoping that the program will help to spread the word and help to track the killer. 

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