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Dog Attacks on Cats

A question submitted to The Guardian’s Eleanor Gordon -Smith this week grabbed our attention. The reader asked the question “What can I do about three cat-murdering dogs in a neighbourhood yard”. The response provided a bit of information regarding approaching the neighbour and warning others about the potential dangers. You can read the full response, here. While the question was answered, we thought we could add a bit more information for anyone concerned with a similar situation of their own.

Keep Your Cats Indoors

Obviously, the best option is to stop your cat from entering any area where the dogs might be. Keeping your cats inside the home stops any risk, but it can take some adjusting to, for you and the cats. We have some useful information on making the change from outdoor to indoor cats and how to stimulate your indoor cat.

Monitor Your Cat

You could use a combination of GPS cat collar and close monitoring of your cat as they go out. This is not ideal and not an easy task, but it is possible. Allow your cat outdoors only when you can watch them and keep them in your sight. The GPS tracker is useful if you do take your eyes off them and they go out of sight range. Train your cat to come to you when you call (using cat food is a good method for this) and use a cat flap that you can lock to ensure they only get out during times that are suitable.

Contain Your Cat

Another option gives your cat access to the outdoors but still stops them from gaining access to potential dangers and risks. There are many cat containment systems to choose from:

  • Cat fencing
  • Catio
  • Cat balcony
  • Cat enclosure

Cat containment systems allow your indoor cat to have extra stimulation giving them opportunities to display their natural behaviours in safety.

If you’d like to talk to us about our cat containment systems please give us a call, speak to us via live chat or send us a message. We also have an active Facebook page, feel free to follow us there and send us a message for further assistance.