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Fresh RSPCA Appeal After Suspected Cat Poisonings in Derbyshire

The RSPCA is asking for information after four cats fell ill on a single street in Derbyshire. The four cats belonged to three different families, all of which are obviously heartbroken. After investigating, the RSPCA believe the poisoning was caused by antifreeze and the cats were intentionally harmed.

A month has passed, and the RSPCA have not received any calls or further information. They have decided to re-issue their appeal for any information the public might have. If you think you might hold any information that could help, please call 0300 123 8018. You can also share your information with Derbyshire Police. The Swadlincote Police Safer Neighbourhood team are also investigating. The police officers tried to find out how the cats could have come into contact with the antifreeze.

Cat Poisoned with Sultanas

Sadly, this isn’t the only open cat poisoning case. A family in Maidenhead are sharing their story to encourage pet owners to be extra vigilant after their pet cat was put down following a suspected poisoning. The owner, Louise Austin, discovered a couple of piles of meat and sultanas in her garden, placed between a hedge and a camper van. The Austin’s were aware that if consumed, the sultanas could cause their four dogs and three cats to vomit, have abdominal pain and lead to kidney failure.

The next day one of the pet cats was unable to walk. She was taken to the vets where she was given treatment. Sadly, she needed to be put to sleep after her body shutdown. The Austin family believe that the piles of meat and sultanas were intentionally placed with the aim to poison their pets. The incident took place on Australia Avenue.

Georgia Austin is sharing her story to warn others to be vigilant around Maidenhead. She is recommending installing CCTV in the garden and to keep an eye out for the lethal mixtures of meat and sultanas. The Thames Valley Police were informed, and they have been actively asking residents if they have any information.

Stay Alert and Aware

Cat poisonings are one of the many reasons why many cat owners are choosing to keep their cats contained using cat fences and catios. It’s important to be aware of the dangers and follow your local news for any cases that are being investigated in your own area. You can also find local pet owner groups on social networks such as Facebook. These are great sources of information that can help your local community come together to avoid cats from being targeted and harmed.