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Help! My Cat Has Gone Missing!

Losing your cat can be one of the most traumatic and stressful times of your life. Sadly, thousands of our fur babies go missing every year. We’ve put together a few useful tips to hopefully help re-unite you with your loved kitty -

  • Double check the whole of your house, small spaces, cupboards, boxes, washing machine, tumble dryer, sheds, garages, gardens, lofts and under vehicles. Ask your neighbours to do the same if possible.
  • Print out missing posters with a clear photo of your cat and your phone number/email, then post them through your neighbours doors. Try posting them to lamp posts, trees, vets and local animal rescues.
  • Leave some blankets or bedding outside your house, the smell may help them find their way home
  • Go searching as much as possible calling out your cat’s name, shaking a bag of cat treats may help too!
  • Alert as many organisations as possible – RSPCACats Protection, Animal Search UK, National Pet Register are a few that could help
  • If your cat is microchipped, notify the microchip company immediately

Once your cat returns, here are a few things you can do to prevent the heartbreak from happening again -

  • Limit their outdoors access by training them to come home at certain times. Or buy a microchip cat flap to limit when they are allowed outside.
  • Invest in an outdoor containment system, these come in lots of different options and gives your cat the freedom of the outdoors, whilst still remaining safe from dangers.
  • Try using a tracking collar so you can monitor where they are at all times, but ensure it has a safety release mechanism.
  • If they aren’t already, microchip them. This increases the chances of being re-united with them if they ever do go missing again

We hope your cat never goes missing, but if they do, these tips will hopefully help you both be re-united.