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Help! What to Do When Your Neighbour Hates Your Cat

We know it’s hard to believe but there are plenty of people out there that don’t love cats. Unlike you, they don’t enjoy seeing a cat prowling around the neighbourhood or sunning themselves on the pavement. They especially don’t like it when they spot a cat using their garden as a toilet or if they find a cat sniffing around the back door. Cats can sometimes cause problems between neighbours. 

Research has shown that close to 70 per cent of non-cat owners don’t like cats using their garden as a toilet. However, only 38 per cent of these people will speak to their neighbour about the problem. One of the best ways to begin solving problems is to communicate. If you know the issues that your neighbour is struggling with it will be easier for you to resolve them. If you have found yourself with similar issues we do have some advice to share with you.

Make Your Cat an Outdoor Toilet

Try to stop your cat from using your neighbour’s garden by creating a couple of outdoor toilet options in your own garden. One of the easiest ways to do this is by cornering off some patches of plain earth that has been turned over making it easy to dig. Make sure the earth is in a secluded spot, with some natural screening in the form of plants, bushes or fencing, but design it so the cat is able to see so he feels safe and secure. You will need to maintain the spot by removing the mess and loosening the soil to keep it soft and east to use.

You could even reintroduce an indoor cat litter tray. Your cat will then have an extra option to choose between, increasing the chances of him avoiding using the neighbour’s turf.

Create a Garden for Your Cat

How cat friendly is your garden? Do you have different plants for your cat to hide behind and pounce on? Are there different areas designed for play and for rest? Creating a cat friendly autumnal garden will help stop your cat from exploring further afield. We have a great article about creating a cat friendly garden but here are a few tips to help:

  • 1.Leave a few patches of earth that can be used as a toilet.
  • 2.Check that all the plants in your garden are safe for cats (and the other pets you have in your garden such as dogs and rabbits).
  • 3.Add a shallow water feature.
  • 4.Add different layers for your cat to explore and rest on.
  • 5.Create different paths with a variety of plants to keep your cat’s interest.

Cat Fencing

Cat fencing is a quick and easy way to resolve difficult issues with your neighbours. Choose cat fencing or one of the many cat containment systems that fits in with your home and garden. These options are perfect for reducing tension with neighbours that truly hate cats, but they can also be used as prevention tools. Additionally, cat fencing is a great tool that provides cats with safe access to a designated outdoor space.

Speak to your neighbour and ask about their feelings towards your cat. By communicating you can find simple solutions that will make everyone feel more comfortable and happier in their home.