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How to Create a Stimulating Garden for Cats

Looking for ways to create the perfect outdoor space for you and your cat to enjoy? Look no further, we have 5 ideas that will ensure your cat gets the most out of your garden.

  • Safety first – Check your plants and flowers and learn if any of your plants are toxic to cats. Most plants will cause mild allergic symptoms while others, such as lilies, cause more serious problems. There’s no need to worry too much, but be aware of the plants that you do have and look out for symptoms such as excessive vomiting and diarrhoea. Replace toxic plants with plants your cat will love, such as lavender, catnip, valerian, mint and cat thyme.
  • Sunny and Shaded Spots– Track the sun as it moves over your garden and create areas for your cat to lounge throughout the day. Add soft pillows or blankets under any sheltered spots, sow some long grass in one small area for your cat to lounge in and create an area that provides shelter from the rain – such as in hedging or introducing a small shelter.
  • Somewhere to Scratch Freely– Cats scratch to keep their claws in good condition, sharp and short, perfect for hunting. Old fences (or new ones) and fence posts are good for this but so are the trunks of trees and old stumps and logs. Allow them to claw outside to save your furniture on the inside, a little at least.
  • Security – Help your cat to feel secure by creating lots of hidey holes for your cat to escape to when they feel threatened. Add to the security of the space by installing cat fencing or a cat pen, to keep your cat in and predators and other risks out.
  • Introduce Toys – Place cat toys in the shrubbery, hang reflectors from branches and hide tasty nibbles around the garden for some fun and games. Alternate the activity to keep your cat entertained throughout the year.

Cat enclosures may limit the size of your cat’s territory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get the stimulation they need from the safety of their own garden. We hope these tips will inspire you to create a fun space that you and your cats will both appreciate.