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How to Stop Cats Fighting

Seeing your cat fighting can be distressing, even hearing the fight or dealing with the aftermath is extremely unpleasant. Cats are territorial, it is in their nature to protect their space and mark their territories. They will use scent to try and claim their land and will fight if they feel their land is being encroached by another cat. Some cats are full of aggressive and others like to play, which can get out of hand. Fighting is a problem with cats but there are a few things you can do to try to prevent fighting and subsequent injuries and risks associated with fights.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

One of the simplest and most effective courses of action is to stop your cat from going outside. This works if your cat is the fighter or if they are a victim of a neighbourhood bully. Indoor cats don’t have to have a boring life, they can live happily provided you create a suitable, stimulating environment indoors. It’s even possible to allow outdoor activities with the addition of a simple cat fence, catio or enclosure. Read more about creating an enriched indoor environment for cats, here.

Speak to Your Neighbours

Sometimes the cat owners have no idea their cat is causing or getting into fights. Talk to your neighbouring cat owners and inform them of what’s happening. You might be able to come to an arrangement regarding curfews. Work together to create a stress-free environment for all cats involved.

Visit the Vets

Overly aggressive cats may benefit from seeing a vet. Aggression could be a symptom of a medical issue. Alternatively, your vet may be able to suggest an animal behaviourist or diffusers that could help to reduce stress and anxiety for your cat.

It is natural for cats to fight but by doing so they are at risk of injury, stress, pests and disease. Reducing aggression and finding simple solutions will reduce and, in some cases, eliminate those risks resulting in happy homes and lives for everyone. Speak to us today about our fully customisable cat fences and containment systems.