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Pet Cat Returns Home Shaved and Covered in Paint

A cat owner was left mortified after the family cat Aggie arrived home in a shocking state. The beautiful tabby cat had been cruelly attacked, covered in pink paint, partially shaved, and wearing a balaclava style sock as a mask. The owner, Angie Smith was so confused she initially thought her cat was a rat.

Angie quickly recognised her pet cat after removing the sock that had been styled into a balaclava. and reported the incident to the RSPCA and Liverpool police. Angie also went to her social media where she shared the information and appealed for help. The case raised a lot of interest, with cat lovers from as far afield as the United States all showing concern for the cat’s health.

Aggie is a rescue cat who had a hard life roaming around the grounds of the old Alder Hey Hospital. She has always been an outdoor cat and has had a few litters of kittens in the past. Since being rescued Aggie has remained free to roam the outdoors. After the unusual and concerning attack, Aggie was given a bath to remove the paint and is in fine health.

Reducing the Risks of Cat Attacks

Sadly, attacks on cats are not unheard of. The attacks range in severity but all are concerning to pet owners. It is unknown if Aggie managed to escape before more harm was done. More cat owners are looking for ways to protect their own cats due to cat attacks, thefts, and poisonings. The most obvious way to reduce the risk is to keep the cats indoors. However, cats such as Aggie who have always enjoyed a certain level of freedom could suffer by suddenly being confined to the home.

Protect Your Pet Without Increasing Stress

Some owners feel it would be cruel to increase their pet cat’s stress levels with such a dramatic change and pace of life. There is a solution and it’s one that is growing in popularity. Catios, cat fencing and cat enclosures provide cats with the best of both worlds. The cats are contained without being forced to stay indoors 24/7. The addition of cat containment systems allows the cats access to the outdoors, yet reduces the size of the territory that they’re allowed to roam in.

Cat fences, catios and enclosures can be tailored to any outdoor space, regardless of size. There are even options for cat balconies and cat windows for when homes don’t have a garden or yard to speak of. There is always a solution to be found for those seeking for ways of protecting their pets from the risks that come from the outside world. What’s more, they are landlord friendly as they can be removed when it comes time for the tenant to move out.

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