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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

When you see your cat or dog eat grass you probably assume, they are eating it to settle their stomach. You’re not alone in that thought. Afterall, most cats will heave a little and more likely than not bring something up. However, researchers at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have discovered some new theories.

Interesting Findings

The researchers discovered with the aid of 1,021 cat owners involved in the study, only 11% of the cats in the study refrained from eating grass when given the opportunity. Out of the cats that did eat grass, only one quarter vomited, leaving 91% of the cats that ate the grass showing no signs of vomiting at all.

The result of the study was that vomiting is the occasional by-product of eating grass, and not the objective.

Cats Eat Grass Because they Like It

So the next time you see your cat eating grass you don’t need to worry that they are feeling unwell. They are eating grass because they like it, it’s as simple as that. Giving your cats access to fresh grass is something they appreciate and enjoy. Indoor cats can benefit greatly with the addition of cat grass to the home, but why not go one better. Give your cat free access to the lush grass in your garden with the addition of cat fencing or cat enclosure. It’s the perfect way of giving your cat safe, protected outdoor access, exercise, fresh air, stimulation and plenty of grass!

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