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Do ProtectaPet Cat Fencing Solutions work?

Yes! A brief survey of our online reviews will demonstrate our success rate. ProtectaPet products have kept over 11,000 cats safe in the UK. While we don’t promise a guarantee for liability reasons, if our customers do encounter any problems, we will work with them to find a solution. 


Will my cat climb trees to get out?

Cats will look for all possibilities of escaping so we can install cat tree barriers to prevent cats from escaping or accessing birds' nests. Trees can be secured using a range of methods depending on their breadth and proximity to the boundary. Please get in touch for advice specific to your garden.



Can strays and neighbours' cats come into my garden?

While cats do not have the physical capability to climb over the barrier from inside the garden, they do have the physical ability to jump the barrier from on top of the fence. However, most cats will see that there is no exit from the garden and choose not to enter. Our customers report that neighbour’s cats tend to choose not to enter their gardens because they cannot see an escape. If you are leaving your garden unsupervised while going on holiday for instance, it is a good idea to leave an escape route for any cats that might enter (a wheelie bin against the fence is a good solution).


Do I need to ask my neighbours' permission to install a ProtectaPet fence?

ProtectaPet recommends that you always contact your neighbours to gain permission to install a barrier. However, the installation process does not require access to the neighbours’ gardens. Installing a cat fence barrier has a positive impact on your neighbours: your cat won’t be leaving faces in their flower beds and if they have cats too, you are minimising the risk of conflict. As can been seen form the photographs, the visual impact from their side of the garden is negligible. After use, our fencetop barrier system is removable and the only evidence would be the remaining screw holes, which can be filled. If your neighbour would not like anything attaching to their fence, we can install our freestanding system in front of the fence.



I've got privet hedge around my garden. Can I still contain my cat's territory?

Yes! We propose solutions to any garden obstacles and can find a range of solutions including building freestanding enclosures alongside hedges. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.


What maintenance does the ProtectaPet system require?

It is imperative that you regularly check to see if any plant growth is breaching the barrier system. Excessive plant growth may enable your pets to climb over the barriers. Furthermore, it is a good idea to remove any fallen leaves from the barrier.

How can I protect my ProtectaPet system from the weather?

We use the highest quality materials including tanalised timber, UV stable mesh and galvanised steel to prolong the life and durability of your system. In heavy snowfall, as a precaution, we suggest that you remove the snow from the mesh.

Can foxes jump over the fence?

We have not tested this product against the capabilities of foxes and therefore we can only say that the barrier should deter foxes from jumping over your fence.

What happens if I move house?

If you move house, your ProtectaPet system can be relocated. Depending on the size and layout of your garden, you may require new mesh or additional component but this can be easily provided. Please get in touch to discuss if you need any advice.


About Installations

Which areas does the ProtectaPet Installation Service cover?

We are ideally situated in the Midlands so that we can offer a supply and installation service across all of mainland Britain. We can consider jobs in Ireland and offshore but please understand that we may have to increase our prices to accommodate the extra travel involved.

How do I get a quote from ProtectaPet?

Please ring us on 0800 999 4008, email us on or complete our contact form. Once you have made contact with us, we will ask undertake a cat and garden assessment in consultation with you. This will involve discussing your requirements, taking the measurements of the garden and discussing solutions to any features such as sheds or conservatories.



What is the waiting time?

Once we have confirmed the details of the order, we will typically set a date to install the system 2-3 weeks later. However, this can vary according to the season and demand and be wary that waiting times in spring can reach around six weeks.

How can I pay?

You may receive an invoice up to a week in advance of an installation but payment is not due until completion of the job. We accept building society cheque, cash or bank transfer. By special arrangement, we can accept debit and credit cards.


About the Online Shop

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Our orders are handpicked to each customer’s requirements and they usually take 3-5 working days to despatch and then 1-2 working days to arrive.




How easy is a fence-top barrier to install?

Each of our DIY kits have an installation skill level (1 being the easiest and 5 requiring the highest degree of skill). Every garden is different but if you watch the instructional videos, you should be able to get an idea as to whether you have the tools and skills to install it.


What is the difference between the extra-long and the standard brackets?

Extra-long brackets should be used for fences that are between 5ft and 6ft (160-180cm) while standard brackets should be used on fences that are 6ft (180cm) and taller. There is a 20cm height difference between the extra-long and the standard brackets.


Can I secure just part of my garden?

Your entire garden boundary must be secured for the system to work. Otherwise, your cat will simply exit from the other side.

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