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ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Standard Bracket

ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Standard Bracket

5 Stars
Usually ships within 3 to 5 working days.

Product Description

Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are fitted to straight stretches of fences or walls which are 170cm (6ft) high or taller. They can also be used to cat proof trees and gates. The features of the Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets are:

• Double bend in bracket provides enhanced protection for agile breeds of cats including, Bengals and Burmese
• Connecting surface is 30 cm (12”): for use on fences or walls 180cm (6ft) or taller
• Overhang is 70 cm (27”): optimum size for low visual impact on garden 
• Multiple holes for fixtures
• Rounded corners for safety and ease of installation
• Powdercoated gloss black to a high quality finish providing excellent protection from rust
ProtectaPet® logo as a mark of assurance and quality

In order to calculate how many Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Brackets you require, please bear in mind:
• You should fit one Standard ProtectaPet® Cat Fence Bracket to each 170cm (6ft) tall fence post or 170cm (6ft) linear section of wall, excluding corner fence posts
• You may need extra Standard ProtectaPet® Brackets in order to secure gates or trees

Two screws and two brown rawl plugs (2") are provided with each bracket. 

Product Videos

What Does ProtectaPet Cat Fencing Look Like? (01:00)
Have you got concerns about your cat’s safety outdoors? Have you got concerns about your cat’s well-being exclusively indoors? We have the super-safe solution for total peace of mind! It is a cat fence barrier that is quick and easy to install, sleekly designed and requires minimal maintenance. It has saved over 10,000 cats in the UK alone and countless birds and mammals. No more worry about your cats, no more unexpected vet bills. Contact us directly for total peace of mind about your cat’s safety.
  • What Does ProtectaPet Cat Fencing Look Like?
    Have you got concerns about your cat’s safety outdoors? Have y...

Warranty Information

Under our 30-day returns guarantee, if for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item. Full Terms and Conditions:

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  1. Extremely happy 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    These brackets arrived quickly and with the plastic mesh also supplied by Protect a Puss we completed the catifiction of our garden within a couple of hours. The brackets are very well made. And the overall look of the black brackets and black mesh is great: the mesh "disappears" into the skyline and the black brackets look good against our wooden fence. We recommend Protect a Puss and their products completely.

    *Review imported from Original review 26th May 2015.

  2. well made 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    excellent product

    *Review imported from Original review 21st April 2015.

  3. works well 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    Having installed some cat fencing by other manufacturers, I recently came across the Protectapuss system and found it to be far superior, really easy to install and more economical. I wish I had found their products sooner! Customer service and telephone advice was excellent too.

    *Review imported from Original review 20th Jan 2015.

  4. Purrfect 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    Purr Purr, we can now feel the sun on our faces and the wind in our fur, hide amongst the bushes, chatter at birds and dig in the soil, (but we won't go there) Our people were worried we might get run over-whatever that is. So Protectapus were called in and made our garden great for all of us. We can't thank you enough, a job well done. Bo and Gem Frost

    *Review imported from Original review 9th September 2014.

  5. Saving Butch from himself! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    We had to find a way to keep one of our cats, Butch, off the road as he just lays there refusing to move, even when cars approach! Protectapus proved to be an efficient and (most importantly) effective system for containing both our male cats within the garden. An added benefit is keeping them apart from other male cats with whom they are likely to fight. After a few failed attempts at escape both Butch and Sundance seem relaxed with their environment. Excellent idea!

    *Review imported from Original review 1st September 2014.

  6. Happy cats and owners 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    We have three cats,who now go out when ever they want.the protectapuss system works's great to watch them going in and out of the cat flap knowing they are safe in the garden.I would highly recommend this system to protect your cats.

    *Review imported from Original review 18th August 2014,

  7. How did we live without ProtectaPuss?! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    We have two Burmese cats that are too friendly/curious to be allowed to roam. They love going outside but monitoring them and making make-shift fencing has been stressful and frustrating for them.

    We recently had ProtectaPuss fitted and now we have a cat flap as we’re 100% confident they will be safe in our garden. They are much happier and so are we! Now we can leave the doors open in the hot weather without worrying. It doesn’t detract from the garden either.

    I would recommend ProtectaPuss to anyone with indoor cats. I honestly don’t know how we lived without it!

    *Review imported from Original review 14th August 2014.

  8. It’s simple, well-designed and very good value 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    We had the ProtectaPuss system installed a few weeks ago. It replaced a very different system – one with horizontal poles that are supposed to spin when a cat tries to get a purchase on them. The pole system had proved to be problematic in respect of maintenance and, despite paying for a maintenance contract, we couldn’t get the supplying company to come out, or indeed to respond to our emails and phone calls. So we decided to take the step of having what we thought of as a ‘Colditz’ system of brackets and netting. We’re extremely glad to have made this decision and to have chosen ProtectaPuss. ProtectaPuss is very discreet and not the least bit oppressive for us to look at. It’s simple and well-designed, and there doesn’t seem to be much that can go wrong with it. There’s nothing heavy that could fall off and possibly injure a cat, which is a relief after our first system. The more athletic of our two cats had escaped twice with the previous system, but there seems to be no way that he can get out of ProtectaPuss. We paid to have the ProtectaPuss team install the system for us and feel that the installation was, like the system itself, very good value for money.

    *Review imported from Original review 21st July 2014.

  9. knowing they’re safe is priceless 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    I hand-reared my four young cats and brought them back from Spain. I couldn’t risk them being run over so they were house cats for five years.
    Since discovering Protectapuss fencing and installing it our lives have been transformed. Seeing them chasing each other and butterflies around the garden, ‘chatting’ to the squirrels and birds, or seeing them simply lying in the sun is an absolute joy.
    I wish I’d been able to do this when they were younger – but at least they have the rest of their lives to play in the garden, and I have peace of mind. My house suddenly feels twice the size as we can all enjoy the garden together. And knowing they’re safe is priceless!
    I didn’t find it hard to install the brackets into the wooden posts and only had to get my son-in-law’s help to install a few of the brackets into a brick wall. I found the best method was to bang a nail into the top of each fence post where the top screw hole goes, so I could hang the bracket on it temporarily to take the weight while I put screws into the bottom two holes, the lowest one tightly, the one above loosely. Then I could remove the nail and slide the netting behind it. I put all the brackets up first and then put up the netting, tightening each bracket’s screws and pulling it tight as I went round the garden.

    *Review imported from Original review 15th July 2014.

  10. safe cats! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 9th Mar 2016)

    We decided to build our own cat enclosure and used the brackets, mesh etc from Protectapuss to secure the top. Quite easy to install (thanks for the instructions!) and so far no escapees! Wish we had done this before - its a great way of letting your cats have outside space without the worry and the wandering.

    *Review imported from Original review 3rd July 2014.

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