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Wendy Turner Webster, TV Presenter and Animal Rights Campaigner, talks about why cat owners are increasingly choosing to keep their cats safe outdoors.

Susan Pearce, ProtectaPet Client and Cat's Protection Volunteer, talks about the peace of mind she has found since creating a safe outdoor territory for her cats in a suburban garden.

The owner of cats, Polly, Buggi and Lulu, discusses why she contacted ProtectaPet for help in securing her expansive rural garden after her move to the countryside.

Chris and Eve, You Tube Vloggers, document their cat garden transformation project to keep beloved British Shorthairs, Turbo and Jet, safe.

James Buzzel, Editor of Your Cat magazine, records ProtectaPet's professional installation of a cat fence barrier in his suburban garden.

Watch Karen's British Shorthairs explore their new outdoor territory as Karen discusses why she chose the ProtectaPet Catio and the benefits of extending her cats' territory outdoors.

Following the tragic loss of his cat, Bailey, Lawrence chose to get a ProtectaPet Catio to keep his Maine Coon kittens Hugo and Margot safe outdoors.

Worried about the safety of her Bengal cats outdoors, Hannah discusses why she chose to get a ProtectaPet cat fence barrier installed around her garden perimeter.

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