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What Our Customers Say...

At ProtectaPet®, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, which is why you will find hundreds of positive reviews if you research us on the internet. Here is a sample of just a few...

Emma Milne

I am a massive advocate of cats getting outdoors. With ProtectaPet, cats can explore a wide territory, get more exercise and enjoy the sunshine but stay safe at the same time. Everything you can do to enrich your cat’s environment will improve happiness and, in the longer term, keep them healthier too. A great product.

Emma Milne BVSc MRCVS
TV vet, author and animal welfare campaigner

Ragdoll in Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

We recently installed ProtectaPet in our garden for our ragdoll Doozer. It's completely changed his and our lives! He is 'Doozering' around on the AstroTurf watching the birds, catching bugs, purring and rolling around.

Caz Wood

Celia Haddon, author of One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train its Human

Protectapet can protect your cats from local neighbouring cats that are coming into the garden and terrifying them. If you live near busy roads, it means your cat doesn’t have to be locked in the house all the time. It can have a safe outdoor life. I like that it has both DIY and bespoke options. A great product.

Celia Haddon
Author of 'One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train its Human', Pet Agony Aunt for the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. For her services to animal welfare she won the Blue Cross Award of 1997.

Norweigan Forest Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

Not only is the system great for keeping the cats safe but Simon and his team are great to deal with too and they understand cats which really helps. It's not just a business to them they really want to keep cats safe whilst still giving them some freedom. Now saving up for the next area to be fenced!

John Tipper

The Cat Vet

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of forgetting your way home, being bullied by other cats, attacked by dogs, or knocked down by a car, then ProtectaPet offer the purrfect solution. Eve and Simon do a super job of running the business which (like our Mum's home visiting vet clinic for cats) was borne out of a passion for cat welfare. Your humans can either buy the parts online and do a DIY job or let the experienced team come and install it for you! Either way Mum says the customer service is great and we know the product will revolutionise you and your humans' lives!

Willie, Ty, Celine & Harry (Resident cats)
Jo Lewis BSc BVMS (Hons) MRCVS
The Cat Vet is the resident feline advice vet for The Good Vet Guide

Siamese Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

I have had my system fitted for two weeks, the cats absolutely adore being outside. They go out through the night to watch the moths too. They have a new life and so do the rest of the family. We all enjoy them having their freedom. The Team that came couldn't have been more helpful. Any little snags were easy sorted or worked around. The admin team and owners Simon and Eve have been great, answering all my questions even at the weekends on their days off. A professional job and squad.

Jayne Wylie

Peter Wedderburn

The team from ProtectaPet solved a challenging problem for us that had previously caused a tragic outcome. Our house has a back garden that borders a quiet housing estate which is safe for cats. However our front garden is just 100 yards away from a busy road. For fifteen years, our cats had always just stayed in the back garden, despite the fact that there was no physical boundary to stop them going out the front. Then last year, our lovely young new cat ventured out the front, and went down the long driveway to the busy road: we found his inert dead body on the pavement. This was almost enough to stop us from getting another cat, but then we heard about ProtectaPet. Simon and the team constructed a cat proof stretch of fencing as a boundary between our back garden and the front area. A professional job and squad. The new fencing looks very presentable - as if it has always been there, in a very natural way - but it is also very effective as a way of containing our cats in the safer area. We are soon going to get a new kitten, and this time we have confidence that she will avoid the dangers of the front area of our home, thanks to the excellent work by ProtectaPet.

Dr Pete Wedderburn BVM&S CertVR MRCVS
Vet and Columnist for The Telegraph

Rescue Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

Thank you for your hard work! Needless to say this fencing has been a huge relief to me when you have two pesky kittens like Louis and his brother Buster. It cost a great deal to save them from abuse/poisoning on the streets of Greece so I am sure as heck not going to let them kill birds, run riot in other people's gardens or worse make a nuisance of themselves in the two restaurants down by the river. Thank you ProtectaPet

Elaine Cole

Richard Ashcroft

'Many companies make all sorts of promises when they want to secure your business, but in my experience seldom deliver. ProtectaPet were a pleasure to deal with and did exactly as promised in the agreed time frame. Couldn't fault them. Very friendly and professional. I would recommend them without hesitation and use them again.

Kate and Richard Ashcroft
Richard Ashcroft is an independent artist and is well known for his role as the lead singer for The Verve. Kate Ashcroft (formerly Radley) was a member of Spiritualized

Maine Coon in Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

The delivery service was excellent and installation simple and straight forward. Initially you do spend a lot of time observing the cats in the garden as it is hard to believe that the product is actually that effective, but after several weeks we are relaxed and confident that it is!

Tony Munkley
Milton Keynes

Vicky Halls, Cat Behaviourist and Cat Counsellor, Endorses ProtectaPet

It makes such a difference to a cat's quality of life. I recommend this system to any cat owner who has concerns about allowing their cat outdoors.

Vicky Halls RVN Dip Couns Reg. MBACP
Cat Behaviour Counsellor and Author

Moggie Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

I would 100% recommend this system to all other cat owners & the beauty of this is that when you move house you remove & take the fencing with you.

Sally Burrows

British Shorthair Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

This is an excellent product! We had it fitted two months ago and it is the best thing we've ever done! All the staff work so hard and are a pleasure to deal with. We cannot recommend ProtectaPet highly enough! Fabulous company!

Tina Milson

Pedigree Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

Having the cat fence installed was a fantastic decision as we can now let our beloved kitties out whenever they demand... They are pretty agile climbers and the system has completely contained them without any worries meaning I can get on around the garden without having to keep a close eye on them... The team are very friendly and professional providing a very tidy job with high attention to detail. Thanks so much for improving the lives of our cats and ours.

Richie Holland

Bengal in Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

Sami, cheeky and full of mischief, escape artist extraordinaire. If there's naughty to be had, he's there. Excellent communication and fast delivery of main and additional orders were followed by a few days installing ourselves. Now our cats love being outside, catching insects and stripping unwary wood pigeons of their tail feathers, climbing trees and sunning themselves.

Peter Short
Kings Worthy

Abyssinian Cat Proof Garden by ProtectaPuss

Thanks so much for fixing my garden for me, my cats are so much happier now they can go outside!

Ros Danby

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