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​Is my Cat Sleeping too Much?

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Sleeping CatAnyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they all love their nap time. However, most owners don’t think about that their cat might be sleeping too much and is becoming too lazy for their own good. Cats can sleep from 12-20 hours a day, but knowing how much sleep is too much sleep for your kitty is always useful if you’re worried about how much time your cat is spending in bed.

The difference between napping and sleeping

Cats take plenty of naps during the day. The key difference between napping and sleeping is that when cats are napping they are simply resting rather than actually being asleep. This means that if something like food or a threat is presented, your cat will be ready and awake to handle what comes towards them. This means that when cats are napping, they’ll likely be in a position in which they can get up and move easier than when they’re asleep. These naps usually last between 15-30 minutes. Cats usually sleep properly during the night; they’re more curled up than when they’re having a nap. Your cat will also switch between light sleep and deep sleep, much like the sleep cycle of humans. When cats are in a deep sleep, you may see them twitch and wiggle a bit as that’s when they are dreaming. Deep sleep is vital, as it helps with good health and energy for the next day. Although this is more likely at night, it can also happen during the day which is just as normal.

When are cats more likely to sleep?

Cats sleep more during the darker months; if you notice your cat sleeps a lot during winter, it is completely normal. They also tend to sleep more when it’s cold or if there is bad weather such as storms.

Lastly, cats tend to be most awake during night time and early morning. This may be why you find your cat trying to wake you up in the morning or coming to play when you’re trying to go to sleep. Cats are usually thought to be nocturnal, but they’re actually crepuscular – basically meaning they’re awake at dusk and dawn.

So how do I tell if my cats sleeping patterns aren’t right?

It’s difficult to tell if your cats sleeping too much as cats simply love to sleep. However, if you think they’re sleeping more than 20 hours a day and they seem to be in a deep sleep for a lot of that time; maybe take them to the vet to see if there are any problems behind their sleep cycle. Also maybe consider a trip to the vets if they’re sleepy when they’re supposed to be the most awake (in the morning and at night). The causes of sleep problems in cats can be due to boredom, obesity, age, heavy diet, feline depression and a lack of vitamins.

Lastly, all cats are different and their sleeping patterns may be different than the norms just because of how they are and not due to an illness.

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