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Measuring Cat Garden
Measuring Cat Garden

How to Measure Your Garden

Use our guidance to work out what you need to correctly measure your garden for our cat proofing products.

Watch this video for step by step guidance on measuring your garden

Four Easy Steps To Find Out What You Need

Step One

Gather the necessary tools:

Tape Measure

Pen and Pencil


Smartphone or Camera

Step Two

Measuring the height of existing boundaries

Use a tape measure to check the height of any existing boundaries such as fences or walls. On existing fences, measure to the top of the fence post.

If there are raised flower beds or raised ground next to the boundary, measure from the highest ground level to the top of the wall or fence post.

Step Three

Measuring the Length of the Boundary Required

Each existing boundary of different height will need measuring in length. For example, if your fence is a straight run but drops from 1.8m to 1.5m mid-way, please measure both lengths separately.

Where there is existing standard fencing, you can usually work out the length of the boundary by counting the number of fence panels and multiplying it by the standard width of fence panels, which is 2 meters.

Where there is no existing boundary or it is not standard width fencing, you will need to use the tape measure. Use a rock or something heavy to weight down one end of the tape measure, while you travel to the end of the boundary. Where there will be new freestanding fencing, make a note on the paper where you'd like any access gates to be situated.

Step Four

Send your Measurements to ProtectaPet

Once you have measured your garden and recorded the measurements, please send us your plan, along with photographs of your garden. Along with your full address, we can verify the garden measurements on Google Earth and advise you what you will need to secure your garden.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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