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​UK Cats Kill 55 Million Birds Each Year – Should You Keep Your Cat Contained?

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Cats are natural hunters. They hunt and kill wildlife, even when they have full bellies. It’s not their fault and it’s not something that we can train them not to do, it’s who they are. However, as owners, we can find ways of reducing the amount of animals they kill and maim by choosing to keep our cats indoors or using a suitable cat containment system.

How Many Animals Die in the UK at the Paws of Cats?

A recent study titled Cats and Wildlife reveals how many birds are killed in the UK by our domestic cats alone (not including the feral cats in our country). Currently, the estimates stand at 55million birds are killed by cats each year and a total of approximately 275million animals are killed overall each year. These figures are alarming to read and it is worth remembering that this is only in the UK. Currently, the RSPCA say there’s no evidence to suggest cats are responsible for the decline of birds on our island, but that can’t be said in other places around the world.

Australia is proposing drastic action to gain some control of the current cat crisis that they’re experiencing. Earlier this year the Australian government announced they were planning a cat cull to eliminate 2 million cats in the country. More recently, the government also announced that they are to propose a 24-hour cat curfew that will apply to all cats in the country. The imposed cat curfew is already in place in some territories and the government are looking for public support to roll out the curfew country wide.

What Can You Do to Help?

Many of our customers choose our cat fences and cat enclosures as a way of significantly reducing their cat’s ability to hunt and kill local wildlife. Please contact our expert team if you’d like to learn more about our cat containment systems

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