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3 Ways to Keep Your Cat out of Trouble This Christmas

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the cats getting involved. As annoying as it can be, cats helping to wrap presents is just part of the fun. Then there’s the classic ‘cat destroying the Christmas tree’ scenario. As much as we love our feline friends lending a hand with the decorating, we do appreciate that they can be a little annoying at times. Today, we’re sharing a few ideas on how to have fun with your cat this Christmas that won’t upset or annoy anyone in the process.

A Christmas Tree for Your Kitties

Christmas trees aren’t very cat friendly and in some cases they can be dangerous. Remove the dangers and stop your hard work from being interfered with by giving the cats a Christmas tress all of their own. We are taking inspiration from Cole and Marmalade’s human Chris for this one. Watch his video on how to create the perfect Christmas tree that your cats will adore. Who knows, it might even keep them away from yours entirely.

Cat Santa’s Grotto

Treat your cat to a grotto where they can escape to when the house gets a little busy over the festive period. The grotto could be inside the home or out. We love these outdoor cat kennels that are made to withstand the elements. However, if you’re looking for something for inside the home you really can’t beat a clean cardboard box. Cut a hole in one of the sides, place down some comfortable blankets inside the box and cover the whole thing in some festive material. For added points from your kitties you could place the box somewhere high up in the room so they can lord it over you.

Greenery in the Home

Give your cats a planted area within the home that they are allowed to destroy if they so wish. Distract your cat from the decorating with some fresh cat grass and cat nip plants. You can get creative and plant the greenery in an old cat bed or simply use pots if you prefer. Set them up in an area where you won’t mind if a little bit of soil is dropped. Cats love to chew on grass and cat nip plants and they love to play with it too.

How will you keep your cats out of trouble this Christmas? Share your Christmas cat tips with us on our Facebook page.