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4 Christmas Dangers for Cats

Christmas is a fun time for everyone; even the cats can enjoy the festivities. However, it’s important to be aware of the added risks that are present at this time of year. Here are three dangers to cats to be aware of so you can prevent accidents over the next couple of weeks.

    1. Visitors to the home. An increase of visitors to the home can cause problems. Not all visitors are pet owners and therefore they can inadvertently cause problems that can be life threatening. Remind all visitors not to leave doors open, especially if you have an indoor cat and don’t have cat fencing to secure your outdoor space. Remind your visitors to close toilet seats, gates and to clean up any antifreeze if they spill any outside.

    2. Christmas trees are toxic to cats. It is a mild toxin, but there is a risk that they could begin feeling unwell if they chew on the tree. Then there are the needles, which can be very sharp and become stuck in their paws. The addition of lights increases the risks further. Cats love to chew on string and they will chew on the light cables too if given the chance. Another risk to consider is the decorations on the tree. Use plastic or natural materials that are non-toxic. Cats just love to play with the decorations and they can easily pull them off. Grass can cause injuries and could even be ingested. Finally, always ensure the tree is secure and will not topple over if a cat was to climb up it.

    3. Poisonous plants can easily be introduced into the home at Christmas time. Poinsettia is a very pretty plant commonly given as gifts. Please be aware that these plants are poisonous, along with yew, holly, ivy and mistletoe. Make sure all plants are out of reach or not brought into the home if your cat has access to all areas.

    4. There are plenty of festive foods that will cause an upset stomach in cats. Ensure all foods are cleared away quickly and not left in reach of your cats.

    There’s no need to ban Christmas, just take some extra care to ensure your cats have a wonderful holiday alongside the rest of the family.