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5 Cat Myths – BUSTED!

There are plenty of myths and superstitions surrounding cats. Today, we’re going to be debunking 5 of the most common ones.

Cat in a Tree

Cats Have Nine Lives

Most people probably are aware that this isn’t true. However, this is a myth that remains, despite cats having just the one life. The origins of this myth aren’t known, but it is thought that it comes from the cat’s natural ability to get themselves out of difficulties thanks to their agility. Some cats have been known to survive some particularly hairy situations. While cats have great agility it’s vital to remember that they have one precious life and we should help give them to make it a long and happy life.

Cats See in the Dark

Cats eyes allow a lot of light to enter in comparison to ours, but they still cannot see in total darkness. Low level light isn’t as much of a problem, but when it’s very dark they won’t be able to see. Furthermore, cats will become shocked and startled by the headlights of cars, resulting in many car accidents. Therefore, cats shouldn’t really be given free access to the outdoors during the night.

Cats Don’t Like People

In general, cats are solitary animals. They will live alone quite happily in the wild and because of this, many people believe cats make bad pets because they aren’t social. The truth is, domestic cats can and do create strong relationships and friendships with their owners as well as other animals in the household. Domestic cats that form these bonds will want and even need social interactions for their well-being and mental health. In the most extreme cases, cats can experience separation anxiety if they’re left alone for too long.

Cats Only Sleep in the Day

Cats are believed to be nocturnal, but this is false. Cats are certainly the most active during dusk and dawn, which is why so many are harmed on the roads during these hours. Domesticated cats will normal keep hold of this genetic trait, but they’ll also take on the routine of the household. Try to avoid letting your cat outside during dusk and dawn (unless you have a cat containment system). Change their feeding times to fall into these hours, play with them or make your lap irresistible with a fluffy blanket and a treat.

Cats ALWAYS Land on Their Feet

Cats have a brilliant righting reflex that helps them to twist their body quickly when falling from height. However, they still don’t always land on their feet and many become injured or even die because of falling out of windows or off high surfaces. As tempting as it might be, the Blue Cross recommend keeping all upstairs windows closed during the summer and limiting access to any areas at height. We do provide solutions to help prevent falls such as out cat balconies and cat windows. Ask us for further information.