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5 Fun Facts About Maine Coons

Maine Coons are a fascinating breed of cat. They are known for being large fur balls but they are more than just fluffy felines. Here are five fun facts that you might not know about these amazing cats.

1.The Furriest Coats Were Essential to the Breed’s Survival

Maine Coons have such thick and glossy coats because they evolved in New England. The New England winters are not kind and the coat became essential for surviving the elements. Grooming your Maine Coon regularly can help to ensure the coat remains in great condition and to avoid matting.

2.The Only Indigenous American Breed

They were used on farms in New England to help keep the mice populations down and their long coat helped them to be useful all year round. The full origins of the Maine Coon are not known but they are on record as being the only cat breed that’s indigenous to the US. Some people think that the breed was created when the Turkish Angora crossed with the Shorthair cat in the 18th century.

3.They’re Larger than Most

Maine Coons can grow to be huge cats and they have been classified as the largest domestic breed. The size isn’t simply down to the thick luxurious coat, they have big bones too! The average Maine Coon can weight anywhere between 9 and 19lbs. Males grow the biggest and they can measure up to 40 inches in length. This breed has larger bones than other domestic breeds and they’re more muscular. Another interest difference is that they don’t reach their maximum growth until between the ages of 3 and 5 years. So if you think your 2 year old Maine Coon is big, he could still grow a lot more!

4.They Love You Back

If you want a loveable cat you’ll be very pleased with a Maine Coon. They are affectionate and very relaxed with their owners. They love to be loved and will give it back to you. They can also get on very well with other pets in the family as they’re not quick to become confrontational. Close bonds can be formed with all the family.

5. Loveable Dog Cats?

Many Maine Coon owners consider their cats to be similar to the family dog. They are happy to stay close to the family and be involved with the goings on in the house. Other breeds will often retreat to calm and quiet areas of the home, especially when children are playing. It’s not unusual to see the Maine Coon playing nicely with children and allow them to fuss and pet them.

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