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5 Furry Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest cats are famous for their large size, immensely fluffy coats and their love for being social. Here are a few other facts that you may not know.

    1. No one knows about the origins of the Norwegian Forest breed. They might be related to the long-haired cats that were brought to Scandinavia by the Crusaders, or they may be related to the short haired black and white cats from Great Britain. The Vikings used these cats on their ships to catch the mice and it’s possible they came over in the Viking boats and mingled with the feral and barn cats in the forest of Norway. Genetic testing has shown that there is a genetic connection between the breed and the Maine Coon.

    2. They were once on the brink of extinction due to crossbreeding during World War II. Luckily, an official breeding program was created to protect their lineage. The Norwegian Forest cat breed became officially recognised as a breed by the Federation Internationale Feline in 1977.

    3.The breed is most popular in Europe and they are obviously hugely popular in Scandinavia. America isn’t quite as keen as the breed isn’t yet listed in the top 10 most popular breeds in the country.

    4. Norwegian Forest cats have a double layer coat that works to keep them dry and protected from the weather. Their toes and ears are tufted too and these extra tufts of hair provide an extra level of protection.

    5.They love to climb! These kitties love to climb up and down trees and they show no fear. Norwegian Forest cats that are kept indoors or in cat containment systems should be provided with plenty of climbing opportunities through cat activity centres and secure objects positioned at different levels.

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