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5 Risks for Outdoor Cats

There are plenty of reasons why cat owners choose to allow their cats outdoor access. Cats love the freedom and they have plenty of behaviours that benefit from outdoor life. That being said, there are a lot of dangers that come with outdoor life. Today, we’re sharing 5 risks, many of which were mentioned by cat owners in the recent International Cat Care Survey for cat containment systems.

Injuries and Road Accidents

Many cats’ lives are lost on the roads. The risks do increase or decrease depending on where you live and the times you allow your cat to venture outdoors. We shared a few tips on how to reduce the risks of road accidents, you can read them by clicking here.

Lost Cats

Cats love to explore, they get side tracked and sadly they also get taken on occasion. Cats can jump into trucks or cars, walk into sheds and garages or choose a charming home to investigate. Cats get lost and many never find their way back to their original home.


Diseases are commonly picked up when cats are in contact with one another. Fighting is a major cause of the passing of disease. When cats come into contact they increase the risk of infection, including cat flu, feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukaemia and enteritis.

Fleas and Parasites

Fleas and parasites are easily picked up from other animals and the general environment. Cats need to have year-round protection to avoid infestation. It’s also a clever idea to protect even indoor cats, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


There are plenty of chemicals that are poisonous to cats. In most cases, the poisonings are accidental, but there are some cases where they have been intentional. A few of the chemicals to be aware of include fertilizers, weed killers, rock salt and antifreeze. There’s also a large amount of common plants that are toxic to cats.

Protect your cat, ask us about out cat fencing and catios to help keep your safe happy and healthy.