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5 Ways to Keep Quarantined Cats Happy

While there is no evidence to suggest cats can pass the virus to humans, studies have shown it is possible for them to pass Covid-19 to other cats. As a result, more people are choosing to keep their cats indoors. Whether this is a permanent or temporary adjustment, it is important to help keep indoor cats happy and healthy during their time in lockdown. Here are 5 tips that will help.

A Clean Toilet to Call Their Own

Provide each cat with their own individual litter tray. Most cats will adjust back to a litter tray with ease, but they will want it to be clean and well maintained. Place the litter trays in separate, private places in the home. Choose a quit location and be sure to spot clean the tray at least twice a day. The entire litter tray should be given a full change at least once per week.

Outside Space

An indoor cat can have access to the outdoors, provided it is secure and safe. There are plenty of options such as cat fencing and catios, which can be installed professionally (following current social distancing measures) or DIY kits are available. Please note that ProtectaPet installations and DIY kits are landlord friendly, they can be removed with ease.

A recent article in the news featured two cats who were provided with a tunnel and tent to allow them fresh air. While the tent set up is not ideal and safety isn’t guaranteed, it shows that you can get creative.

Use Your Space Creatively

Cats love to get up high. They appreciate being able to watch from a safe space and benefit from the exercise. Use your walls in your home to add vertical space for your cat to jump, sit and sleep on. Cat shelves, cat activity centres and secured furniture can all be used to make your home a cats’ paradise.

Give Them Your Time – When They Want it

Your cats may require extra entertainment. This will require time and attention from you and your family. Read your cats mood, if they are sleepy or withdrawn, leave them be. If they are seeking out your attention, it’s time to play. Have a good selection of different toys and activities and spend some time encouraging play and movement. The last thing you want is for your cat to have weight issues that could lead to serious health conditions later down the line.

Something to Scratch

Cats love to scratch trees and fences during their outdoor adventures. Now these options are gone, it’s vital to add some additional scratching opportunities for your kitties. Let them sink their claws into scratching posts to help keep sharp nails under control.

These five tips will help to keep your cats happy during any quarantined period. They are important to follow for both short- and long-term indoor living situations. Do you have a cat adjusting to a new indoor life? We would love to see your photos and learn about how you and your cats are coping with the change. Pop over to our Facebook page and say hello