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Air Rifle Attacks on Cats on the Rise - Cats Protection Take Action

Cats Protection has called for tougher air gun laws in the UK in order to protect cats from attacks. A survey involving 1000 vets revealed that half of cats that are shot by air guns results in death and that there are more air gun attacks compared with 20 years ago. Moreover, almost 500 of the questioned vets had treated cats that had been attacked by the air guns in the past year and that head and body injuries were the most common. Many cats that survive the ordeal are left blind or partially sighted. Cats Protection hope that the survey findings will encourage the government to make it necessary to have a license or permit to own an air gun.

A recent case was reported in Worcestershire. Mummy Cat, one of Britain’s oldest cats, was attached by yobs with air riffles. The 25 year old puss was found with a shot wound to the abdomen and eye. Mummy Cat was put to sleep as the vet said the pellet was too close to her brain. Mummy Cat was very friendly and trusting and still full of lots of energy. Her owner, Brian, and his family are devastated. West Mercia Police have not made any arrests as yet.

Scotland is introducing the air gun licenses next year and Cats Protection hope England and Wales will follow their example. It is hoped that the need for a license will reduce the number of air guns that fall into the wrong hands, protecting cats and other animals from attack.