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Amazing Cat Breeds – The Sphynx

The Sphynx is one of the most easily identifiable cat breeds out there. The lack of fur gives them a unique feature that is shared by no other breed out there. Other notable features to mention include the lack of whiskers and eyelashes. The big deep-set eyes are enchanting and the they can come with many different pigmentation on the soft, peachy skin meaning there are plenty of different colours and patterns despite having no fur.

Many people think the Sphynx would be strange and perhaps even uncomfortable to cuddle up to because of the lack of fur coat. However, thanks to a fine covering of downy hair they are warm, soft and a delight to hold.

Canadian Cat breed

Sphynx cats originate from Canada. Hairless cats have been around for thousands of years and it is said that the Aztecs had them as companions. The Sphynx as we know it today was bred specifically for their lack of fur. The breed first came into being in 1966, when a hairless male cat was born in Ontario, Canada. The current generations of Sphynx are said to trace back to a trio of hairless kittens from Toronto back in 1978.

A Fun, Chatty Companion

If you’re looking for a playful, cheeky, and chatty companion then the Sphynx won’t disappoint. These are highly intelligent cats that will purr to high heaven when having a good cuddle. The breed is known for enjoying sleeping with their owners, ideally under the covers for some additional warmth.

Extra Care for Hairless Cats

Due to the lack of hair, Sphynx’s do require some special care. It is important to keep an eye on the weather and ensure they are not left out when the temperatures cool. Moreover, it is important not to allow them to sunbathe without protection from cat friendly sunscreens and sun blocks. For these two reasons the Sphynx cat mostly enjoy indoor life only. That doesn’t mean they cannot go outside, with some careful design and a little care they can enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to cat enclosures, catios and cat fences.

Diet is another area that requires some extra care compared with most other breeds. The Sphynx has a body temperature that is one to two degrees higher than other breeds. Therefore, they do eat more to compensate the heat loss they experience.

Skin Care

Weekly sponging or bathing is required to maintain healthy skin. The breed can easily succumb to fungal infections if they are not cleaned regularly. Washing removes the build up of natural oils and maintains healthy skin. The outer ears also need to be cleaned as failing to do so can lead to ear infections.

Do you own a Sphynx? We would love to get to know your companion, show us your photos over on our Facebook page or by tagging @ProtectaPet on Instagram.