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Are Shock Collars Safe for Cats?

Cat owners struggling to contain their pet cats have been known to turn to shock collars for cats. These types of cat shock collars and electric collars have been available in the UK but just because they’re sold doesn’t mean they are a good option. In fact, the UK government announced in July 2018 that shock collars for both dogs and cats will be banned in England. Wales and Scotland had already put motions in place to stop the use of cruel electric collars being used on pets.

Shock collars and electric collars cause levels of suffering and harm that are not acceptable. The collars can deliver a maximum of 6,000 volts of electricity and other types of collars may spray chemicals in a bid to control the behaviour of the cat. The shock may be delivered for up to 11 seconds at a time and all can have negative effects on the well-being of the cat or dog.

Animal campaigners supported the ban, although the RSPCA would like to see it extended to cruel electric fences used for pet containment. A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said that these kinds of devices are not necessary as there are viable and human alternatives for containing cats and dogs. Turning to positive training and pain free methods are safe and effective.

Pet Friendly Alternatives to Shock Collars and Electric Collars

Shock collars are cruel and unnecessary. Cats can be protected from road accidents and other incidents with the use of cat friendly cat fencing and alternative solutions. ProtectaPet cat fences, catios and cat enclosures are designed not to need electricity to work. Cats are contained in a safe environment using the patented designed, preventing them from escaping the area and getting into harms way.

Cat shock collars are never acceptable. The Dogs Trust and animal campaigners are delighted about the ban on such devices in England. However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. More work is needed to extend the ban to electric fences used for cats and dog containment.