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Australian Cats Kill 1 Million Birds Each Day!

Research has revealed that 1 million Australian birds are killed each day by cats. The study was published in the journal of Biological Conversation. The researchers were shocked at the results and concluded that cats are likely to be driving the decline of threatened native species.

According to the study, feral cats are estimated to be responsible for the death of 316 million birds each year. Pet cats are estimated to be responsible for the death of 61 million birds yearly. Of those birds, 99% are native to Australia. 338 species of native birds are killed, which includes 71 species that are currently classed as threatened.

Sebastian Lang, the acting threatened species commissioner sad that responsible cat owners can help by desexing cats, keeping indoor cats or using cat runs. All of these can help to protect wildlife and improve wellbeing for the cats.

5 Ways to Reduce The Amount Your Cat Hunts

Cats love to hunt prey and many domestic cats will come home with the victims of their hunt. It’s not nice for pet owners to deal with but it’s also not great news for the local wildlife. There are ways you can help to reduce the impact your pet cat has on wildlife in your area, whether you live in Australia or elsewhere in the world.

  • Neutering helps to stop your cat from wondering as far from home, limiting their hunting opportunities.
  • Use a bell on the collar but ensure it is safely attached so the cat can quickly break free if the collar becomes caught on an object or foliage.
  • Don’t allow cats out in the early morning or until after dusk.
  • Use a cat fencing, catio, cat balcony or any suitable cat containment system.
  • Keep your cats indoors at all times.

Cat Containment Systems Protect Cats and the Wildlife

Cat containment systems won’t prevent all wildlife from entering your cats’ domain, but it will limit the amount of hunting your cat can do. Cats will be restricted, unable to go off to hunt in the local area and having to be happy with the insects and other wildlife that makes it into the containment system. It’s a fantastic way of keeping the cat safe, and also reducing the negative impact your cat has on the local environment.