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Autumn Tips for Kitties

Autumn is here, it’s feeling very cold (a lot more like winter in many areas) the evenings are darker and we’re all enjoying our home comforts. Cats are much like us too, you may have noticed your cat choosing to sit closer or snuggle with you on the bed. This is when you’ll find yourself unable to move for some time, so always remember to make a cup of tea before you sit down, you could be there a while.

Setting a Curfew

The nights are drawing in, depending on where you live the visibility will be limited around the time schools close for the day. Dusk and dawn are commonly the times cats love to go out and cause mischief in the world. However, dusk and dawn are also the time when traffic accidents involving cats are at their highest. Keeping your cat inside once it gets dark is the safest option.

Installing cat fencing or any type of cat containment system can make it a lot easier for cats that simply love to be outdoors. However, if you decide to allow your cat outside you could use a reflective collar to help drivers see your cat on the road. Don’t forget to get your cat microchipped too.

Grooming Your Cat

The colder weather will result in a lovely thick coat for your cat. This can result in a few hair balls, some extra hair around the home and long hair breeds might struggle with matting. Dig out the cat brush and spend some time grooming the fur. This is a great opportunity to look for ticks, any small injuries and remove seeds and other bits of debris. Brushing a few times per day can help reduce hair balls.

Heating and Fleas

Many cat owners think the fleas will die out in the winter. Sadly, this isn’t the case. In fact, the number of fleas can increase thanks to central heating. Maintain the usual flea treatment routine and keep your eye out for fleas or signs of fleas during the cat brushing sessions.

How do you and your cat like to spend the autumn evenings? Come and share your photos and stories over on our Facebook page.