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Cat Breeds – Say Hello to the Devon Rex

We’ve loved sharing cat breeds recently with the latest breed on the block, the Keetso, and the impressive stripy Toyger, we thought we’d continue the theme with a new breed featured on the blog each month. Today we are inviting you to fall in love with the Devon Rex.

The Devon Rex is from the UK, as the name suggests. Cornish Rex was a breed that was attracting a lot of attention in English Cat shows, resulting in Beryl Cox seeing the photos and noticing the curly coat of the Cornish Rex. She knew of a local colony of curly hair cats that had made a home at a disused tin mine not far from her home in Devon. A curly haired kitten was born to one of her straight-haired barn cats and Cox assumed the father must have been from the tin mine colony. The kitten was named Kirlee and he is the start of the Devon Rex bloodline.

These small cats weigh under 3 kg on average when fully grown and they have a life expectancy of just 9 to 13 years. The distinctive features include a short, delicate fur that is curly and requires no brushing. A simple wipe down with a soft cloth is all that is required. The low shedding rate and strict no brushing rule make them useful for those with slight allergies to cats.

The Look of Love

The Devon Rex comes in all sorts of colours, from black to Lavender and have a variety of patterns including tortoiseshell, calico, tabby or simply solid colours. The size of the head is quite large in comparison to the body and their chest is broad and strong. The larger, triangular head give the Devon Rex a rather unique appearance. The eyes and ears are large, and they are often described as being pixie or elf like.

Star of the Show

These bundles or curly fur have fantastic, energetic personalities. They love to jump up high and are massive fans of tree climbing and spending time high on activity centres and cat shelves. It’s a good idea to protect the garden with quality cat fencing that is designed to retain even the most ambitious climbers.

Playtime is always a great show and all the family can enjoy helping the Devon Rex to show off their natural skills. When playtime is over, you will be spoiled with lots of purrs and flooded with affection to thank you for your time and attention.

Time in the Sunshine

Expect to find your Devon Rex soaking up the sun during periods of rest. They love to sunbathe and will appreciate a cosy, warm spot in the house during the colder months. Cat fencing or cat enclosures will allow your sun baby to get outside to climb and play before spending a few hours laying flat and enjoying the glorious spring and summer sunshine.

Do you have a Devon Rex in your family? Come and share your photos and stories of their personalities and behaviours with us over on our Facebook page