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Cat Fencing for Maine Coons

The majestic Maine Coon is one of the most recognisable breeds in the World. Bred to be big and strong to hunt vermin, this cat breed is referred to as being the dog of the cat world, and it's easy to see why!

Although they are the biggest of the domestic cats recognised by GCCF, their sweet nature makes them extremely loyal companions, and they are also known as 'gentle giants'.

It's not surprise that this breed has grown in popularity in recent years, however as Maine Coons possess strength and admiration, cat owners have to think twice about keeping this beautiful breed protected and safe outdoors. 

ProtectaPet have developed a range of cat fencing solutions, with the Founders of ProtectaPet owning Maine Coons themselves! The protection of large and strong breeds is integral to the success of ProtectaPet cat fencing solutions. 

Emma's Case Study

Research proves that ProtectaPet cat fencing improves feline mental and physical wellbeing

University of Lincoln & Frontiers in Veterinary Science

Why Choose Cat Fencing for Maine Coons?

Prevent accidents and injuries for Maine Coons

Prevent territorial fighting and disputes between Maine Coons

Reduce risk of viruses and diseases for Maine Coons

Reduce risk of pests such as fleas for Maine Coons

Maine Coons are able to exhibit natural behaviours

Helps your Maine Coon to feel safe from outside dangers

Our Maine Coon Clients

Maine Coon Whiskers


Maine Coon Garden


Maine Coon in Tree


Maine Coon on Tree



ProtectaPet Cat Fence Barrier

Cat fencing designed for Maine Coons

Cat Fence Features

ProtectaPet Cat Fencing Brackets

  • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
  • Patented technology and optimum aesthetics
  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoat
  • Double bend in bracket is enhanced protection for large cats

ProtectaPet Cat Mesh

  • Exclusively manufactured for ProtectaPet
  • UV stable polypropylene with high tensile strength for longevity
  • Designed to flex to create instability if your Bengal attempts to climb it
  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior quality designed specifically for cat safety 

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"Now we can relax and enjoy our garden, with our patio doors open and know that our lovely Maine Coon is safe and happy to explore his garden."

Alison, Trustpilot Review