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Cat Safe Gardening

Cats that are contained within the garden area, as well as those with free reign around the neighbourhood, all enjoy gardens. The garden is a place that ignites the senses. There’s so much to explore, to see, to watch, hunt and play with. There are spots perfect for sleeping and others that provide the best lookout towers. Cats love gardens and they are great for their wellbeing, but there are times when the garden isn’t great for their health. Here are a few tips on ensuring your cat can enjoy your garden safely.

Cat Safe Gardening Maintenance

There is a large amount of garden chemicals that are dangerous for cats and other pets and wildlife. Weed killers, slug pellets, patio cleaners, all these chemicals can cause serious health problems and even lead to death when consumed by cats. The chemical doesn’t have to be consumed direct from a bottle or a leak, it could be direct through the plant life or pathways in the garden. The best way to avoid accidental poisoning and harm is by switching to organic gardening. You do have other options to kill those weeds and deal with pest – visit Gardeners World for some advice.

Cat Friendly Plants

Avoid planting plants that are toxic to cats (also a clever idea if you have cats in the neighbourhood). If you really want a section of plants that are unsafe for cats we recommend sectioning off part of your garden and keeping it cat free by using cat fencing or a catio. An example of some of the more common plants that are deadly or harmful to cats include:

  • Lilies (avoid completely, these are deadly)
  • Rhododendrons
  • Crocuses
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Cyclamen

We have an article sharing information regarding plants that are poisonous to cats and there’s also further information available from International Cat Care.

Keeping Cats Away

You may wish to discourage cats from entering an area of your garden. You can achieve this with a bit of clever planting. There are a few plants that cats dislike, but they will not harm the cats in any way. These plants include lavender, rosemary, coleus canina and the curry plant. These plants aren’t guaranteed to work all the time or for all cats, but many cats do avoid them. The best way of keeping cats out of an area is by using cat fencing to create a cat only area.

With some careful maintenance and smart planting, it is easy to create a safe, fun and cat friendly garden. Share your cats enjoying their own gardens with us on our Facebook page