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Cat Signals – What’s Your Cat Saying?

Most cat owners will have conversations with their cats, especially if the cat in question is vocal in nature. However, cats communicate through their body language and sometimes these communication efforts can be misunderstood. 

The Cats Protection teamed up with some animal experts to help owners understand what their cats are trying to say through their actions. We thought we’d share these with you to see if you agree.

“Hello” – Some cats will be waiting at the door to give a big vocal hello but in general the greeting for a cat is signalled by the cat walking in your direction with their tail up.

“I trust you” – The cat rolls over and exposes the tummy. This is a move that is often mistaken for a belly rub (resulting in a bite or scratch in many cases).

“You don’t smell right” – The cat rubs up against your leg basically saying they don’t think you smell right and ensuring their own scent replaces the strange smell they’re not fond of.

“I’m scared!” – The cat will flatten their ears showing you that they are frightened and that they really would like to go and hide.

“I feel pretty chilled” – A relaxed and non-threatened cat will blink slowly and turn their head to one side.

“Ugh, I feel stressed out!” – Lip licking is normally a sign that your cat is having a good old grooming session or has just enjoyed some dinner. However, it is also a sign that your cat is stressed or that they’re feeling sick. When cats are stressed they like to find a safe space, often up high.

Here’s a quick video explaining the behaviours and how to respond.

Do your cats have any unique signals? Visit us on Facebook and let us know.