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Cats and Fireworks

Cats hate fireworks. Many humans hate fireworks too and we know exactly what they are for, expect them and yet still they can cause stress and alarm, so imagine how cats feel! It’s easy to understand why cats can get alarmed when the fizzes, whizzes and bangs start. Each year, some cats get so scared they run away and often many get lost and sadly, don’t make it home. Today we have a few extra tips on how to protect your pet and keep them happy during firework season.

6 Ways to Keep Your Cats Calm

1.Keep your cat inside once it gets dark. This should be done for all cats, even those with cat fencing or any form of cat containment system outdoors.

2.Close the windows, doors and the curtains. This helps to muffle the noise and the flashing lights. Remind all the family members to be vigilant and not allow the cat to escape.

3.Make sure they have access to a litter tray (especially important to remember if you have a cat that usually uses the outdoors)

4.Put on the television or the radio and watch the usual television shows or listen to music that your cats are used to hearing. There are also cat music playlists and videos available on YouTube and various music streaming services, such as Spotify.

5.Add an extra, comfortable and cosy place for your cat to escape to and feel safe and sound. A blanket in a cardboard box with a cut out door can make all the difference!

6.Use a calming diffuser such as Feliway.

Cats Protection Video

Here’s a quick video from Cats Protection, great to share with your children to help them understand how they can help the family pet during this stressful time.