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Cats are a Man’s Best Friend

A recent survey by the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association shows that more UK men are choosing cats as pets. A million more men have become cat owners in the past year, bringing the total number of pet cats to eight million. The survey results show:

  • 17% of UK men own a cat, that’s 5.5 million!
  • In 2016 only 13% of men owned a cat
  • More young people between the age of 16 to 34 now own cats, increasing by 3%
  • Cat owners between the ages of 35 and 44 have increased by 2%

One of the reasons for the increase in interest in cats is being associated with male celebrities showing off their pet cats. Social media may also be a factor. Cats have always been popular on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but men are openly showing their love for felines now more than ever before. Some of the cat loving male celebrities include Ed Sheeran and James Mcvey.

Although the direct cause for the large increase in male cat owners is unknown, it is clear that the rise in popularity is excellent news for homeless cats in the UK. There are now more owners ready to give happy homes to cats that may not have had the best start in life. Read our tips on preparing your home for a new cat if you’re thinking of adopting a cat.

Let’s share the love. Are you a male cat owner? Share photos of your feline friends with us over on our Facebook wall