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Chilling Out the Rebel Cat in the Neighbourhood

It can be devastating knowing that your cat is causing other cats and their families some problems. Cats have a mind of their own, and if you end up having the local rebel who loves picking on other cats and walking into the neighbours’ houses let alone their gardens you will have to take some action. The last thing you want is to cause additional friction by not doing anything, so what steps can you take to chill out your aggressive cat that thinks he owns the street?

Working Out the Local Time Zones

Cats can usually set up their own time schedules, establishing a routine for themselves where they can roam the territory in peace before the next shift begins. When time zones clash you may need to work with your neighbour to intervene. Cat flaps are available that can be closed from inside, and you can encourage your cat to be in the home using feeding times and cosy spots that are too appealing to ignore.

Increase Security

Make your home the best cat house on the block and encourage your cat to not only enjoy it, but to also feel extra safe and secure in their own four walls. Look at causes of stress for your cat and try to reduce them, which can help to stop cats from acting up and attacking other innocent cats on the street. Using diffusers that release happy pheromones into the home are a useful idea.

Restricting Access

Sometimes, the best option is always to keep the cats separated. This is especially useful for aggressive cats or cats that simple love their territory a little too much. Cat containment systems are a happy compromise between indoor and outdoor cats as they can enjoy outside life without having free access to the neighbourhood.

No Reproduction Here!

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, spay or neuter your cat. The need to mate is one of the main causes of aggression in territorial battles. Reduce the desire to fight and find a partner by ensuring all cats you own are taken to the vets and spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

Cat fighting can lead to stress in both cats, their human owners and increase risk of disease. Stepping in to find a solution will help everyone. What steps have you taken to stop your lovable rebel from causing upset? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page