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Cool for Cats – Guide to Keeping Cats Cool in a Heat Wave

We’ve been enjoying some glorious weather here in the UK. The temperatures have been soaring into the high 20’s and low 30’s degrees Celsius, and not just for one day, but for weeks! While many are making the most of this incredible summer, there are lots who are struggling with the heat.

Heatwaves can be dangerous, and we must take steps to stay safe and healthy and the same goes for cats and other pets. Cats love the sunshine, but they can easily become ill so here are some tips to help your feline friend to remain cool.

5 Tips to Help Felines Stay Safe in the Sun

1.Like humans, cats should avoid the heat of the midday sun. This is the time when the sun is at it’s hottest but also at it’s most dangerous. Encourage your cat inside or at least into the shade between 11am and 3pm. If you have cat fencing or a catio, add plenty of shaded spaces using planting, cat furniture and garden furniture.

2.Ensure the conservatory door is secured open to prevent your cat from getting trapped inside. Conservatories get very hot, very quickly and pose a very real threat for all pets. All animals must be able to leave the room with ease and without assistance.

3.Protect your cats skin using pet friendly sun cream. Some cats have less fur than others and these require sun cream to protect them from the risk of some types of skin cancer.

4.Provide a constant source of fresh water for your cat. Place bowls inside the home and outside too. Add extra bowls in the home if you’re going to be out for a few hours to help prevent dehydration.

5.Keep the curtains drawn in rooms to create shaded, cool spots in the home.

Cats find it harder to regulate their own body temperature during heatwaves. Keep an eye on your pet and watch out for the symptoms of heat stroke:

  • Vomiting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Glazed stare
  • Red mouth and tongue
  • Lethargy and stretching out

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