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Croydon Cat Killer Now a Nationwide Problem

Last year, we experienced a large increase of orders being placed for our cat containment systems due to worries over the Croydon Cat Killer. An individual in the Croydon area of London was killing and mutilating cats, which had many cat owners concerned over the safety of their own pets, for good reason. Sadly, despite ongoing investigations, the killer is still at large and it appears that they are no longer limited to just one area.

The investigation into the cat killer started back in September, 2015. In total, an estimated 200 cats have lost their lives at the hands of this monster. All have been discovered with very similar wounds and it appears that there is a pattern of behaviour appearing. The cats are usually killed with blunt force trauma. After a short wait, the killer will then proceed to mutilate the body, commonly cutting off the paws or tails, decapitating and there have been cases of the cat being cut in half. Investigators believe that he may be collecting trophies from his kills. It’s very distressing to read about but it is important for people to be aware of the risks until the killer is finally caught and locked up.

Currently, the individual is killing around three to four cats each week. Two headless bodies have been found in Surrey in the past week, within 24 hours of each other. The South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty Charity now believe that the man is getting kicks from displaying the animals, commonly beneath bedroom windows. Initially the cats were being targeted in Croydon, moving on to Streatham, Mitcham Common, Peckham, Finchley, Charlton and Sutton. Now, the area has spread to reach further afield and has become a nationwide problem.

We have lots of different cat containment systems available. They are designed to allow your cats access to the outdoors but minimising risks by ensuring they remain in one area. We do have finance available; speak to one of our experts today to discuss the options.