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Do Cat Fences Work?

Cats love to get out into the big wide world and claim their own turf. They are territorial creatures who love to hunt, protect their land and explore every part of what they own. Sadly, this curiosity gets cats into trouble and many end up in sorry situations ranging from losing their way and finding new families, being taken, getting into fights, injured or killed in accidents and on roads. Cats may have nine lives, but these lives don’t last very long. Cat fencing is one of the ways to help protect feline adventurers from getting into scrapes that they might not come back from, but do cat fences work?

You might think it’s hard to keep a cat contained, but thanks to clever designs even the most agile and determined cats can be kept safe from harm using cat fences. There are a few different designs to choose from, ensuring there is a cat fence right for your cat and your outdoor space. We recommend contacting us here to discuss your options to ensure you find the best solution, whether you want to do it yourself or use our installation team.

Freestanding Cat Enclosures

Freestanding cat enclosures are ideal for rural settings and mature gardens, or gardens without a boundary in place.

Sealed Roof Catio

A catio sits on top of your patio and is completely enclosed with the addition of a roof. The roof stops even the most committed climbers from breaking free.

Fencetop Cat Barriers

Using your fencing, the barrier sits on top of your fence and provides you with complete peace of mind. They are easy to install and suitable for DIY projects.

Cat fences do work and there are several options available. We’re even able to offer a bespoke service to ensure all cat owners benefit from the peace of mind that cat fences bring. Visit our Facebook page for reviews and to see lots of photos of beautiful cats enjoying their contained, safe space.