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Do Electric Fences Work on Cats?

Many cat owners are looking for efficient and humane ways of keeping their pet cats safe and secure. One of the questions commonly asked is whether electric fences work for cats and if so, how safe are they. There is a simple answer to this, electric fences are not a preferential choice to keep cats safe.

An electric fence may stop a cat from leaving a designated space, however, many owners would prefer their cats not to experience the electric shock. If the cat does get through the gaps in the fence unscathed the cat might not be able to get back in without suffering further shocks. Then it’s important to consider cat behaviour. They get playful, they chase wildlife, leaves, anything that moves sometimes. An excited or frightened cat could easily run directly into the fence, again risking strong and possible repeated electric shocks.

Alternatives to Electric Fences for Cats

Electric fences should not be the first choice for cats, as there are other effective solutions to consider. A cat fence barrier is designed specifically to stop cats from being able to leave the garden or outdoor space, no electricity needed. The design makes it difficult for the cat to escape, leaving you with peace of mind. There are different types of cat fencing to choose from, making it possible for all types of outdoor spaces and gardens to be secured, cat friendly and safe.

  • Cat fencing – sits on top of the existing boundary such as a wooden fence. It can be positioned to work around obstacles such as trees, sheds or other outbuildings.
  • Catios are secured enclosures that sit over a patio, like a large cage.
  • Cat enclosures can be used in large or small gardens, ideal for those who want to limit the amount of access the cats have to the space outside.
  • Cat balconies are ideal for those looking to secure the balcony to ensure the cat doesn’t escape or fall and risk injury.

All of the above cat fences are safe and highly efficient and they do not pose any risks to the cats. The fences don’t deliver an electric shock when touched.

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