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How to Create a Winter Garden Your Cat Will Love

It’s autumn, the leaves are falling from the trees, the garden is becoming bare and a little bit boring. This is the time when we’re making the most of the dry days to close the garden ready for the frosty mornings and icy weather that’s no doubt on the way. For cats, this means their territory will lack a little lustre.

Your cat may feel a little bored and cold, choosing to spend many hours indoors rather than out. This is fine, many humans do the same. However, when you have a carefully designed catio or cat fencing in place you may wish to encourage your cat to get some much-needed fresh air from time to time. Here are our tips on creating a winter garden that your cat will love to spend time in.

Sun Spots

Learn where the sun spots are in the garden and create zones for lounging and warming up when the weather is dry. Place surfaces that your cat will enjoy settling down on for a short period of time. This could be something as simple as a garden chair, bench or even just a clear patio slab.

Covered Zones

Who are we kidding, we might see much sun for months! Therefore, placing some covered up areas for your cat is a great idea. A wooden box with a blanket inside will help to keep the wind out of your kitties’ fur. Other options include an evergreen bush or even a cat kennel. Cat kennels are perfect for cats that might not have access to the home via a cat flap. The cat kennel will ensure there is a safe place that will be warm and dry.

Grassy Patches

The lawn can be a tricky monster during the winter months, especially when the snow arrives. Combat this by adding a few pots of cat grass in areas that have slight cover. Cat grass is beneficial as it helps to prevent constipation, it provides essential nutrients and can even increase the speed of the digestion process. Place a few pots out in the garden and add one to your cat’s favourite window sill, inside the home.

Safe and Clean

Keep all fertilisers, weed killers and other common garden chemicals locked away and out of reach. Don’t forget to add any items such as antifreeze and grit too. It’s important to lock away any chemicals like these even if your garden is protected with a cat protection system as the neighbourhood cats and other animals need protecting from these deadly common chemicals.

Look Out Points

Finally, remember cats are the kings and queens of the garden. They love to be up high, so they can take in all the land that they reign over. High places help cats to feel secure too, so adding a few cat shelves and ledges will make all the difference. Check out the cat shelves we have available in our online shop.

Want to find out more about creating a cat safe garden using cat fencing or cat enclosure? Follow ProtectaPet on Facebook and give our friendly team a call for personal advice.