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How to Keep Cats Out of the Garden

Whether you are a cat owner whose cat is being bullied by neighbouring cats, or you don't own a cat and you  are fed up of the neighbour's cats doing their business in your vegetable patch, there are lots of reasons why you might want to keep cats out of your garden.

You can use cat scent deterrents: cats can't stand citronella. Another option are citrus fruits such as orange or lemon peel. 

Water repellents such as water pistols or hose pipes can scare cats away without hurting them, though this might not be considerate of the cat owner's protective instincts towards their beloved companion.

Some people use cat fence spikes, though cats are nimble and usually able to circumvent the fence without standing on the fence spikes. 

Cat fence barriers are a great solution for cat owners who are wanting to keep their cats in a safe outdoor territory. Cat proof gardens can keep cats away from the dangers of free-roaming as well as preventing disputes with neighbours about a cat's behaviour away form the home.

Cat Fence Barrier to Keep Cats in A Garden and Our of the Neighbours'


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