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I Feel Guilty for Keeping My Cat Indoors

More and more cat owners are now keeping their beloved feline friends indoors. There are many reasons for making this choice, but still cat owners are feeling guilty and essentially feel like they are depriving their cat from a full life. But should you feel guilty?

Let’s take a look at the common reasons for choosing to have an indoor cat.

    1.To stop them getting run over.

    2.To stop cats from getting lost.

    3.To prevent the spread of disease.

    4.To prevent your cat from catching potentially life threatening illnesses.

    5.To reduce stress.

    6.To protect your cat from being stolen.

    7.To help protect local wildlife (and yourself from stepping on dead animals in the middle of the night or trying to rescuing a fast mouse from your living room!).

    8.To stop your cat from fighting or being bullied.

    9.To keep your neighbours happy.

    10.To stop your cat from eating toxic plants or being poisoned.

    These are just 10 common reasons for keeping an indoor cat and when you think about it they do all make sense. Owners are trying to protect their furry family member from harm and ensure they have a long and happy life. Yet still the guilt continues, especially here in the UK. The UK is more likely to let their cats have free roam of the neighbourhood than in any other European country. Cats are living happily in appartments and houses without getting depressed or lonely because they are given the stimulation they need. This is often because they have never been outside and they don’t know anything different and their owners take the time to attend to their indoor needs. However, older cats can really suffer if they are suddenly confined to the home, but there are ways to get around it.

    We provide secure fencing and other outdoor solutions that can make the transition from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat more palatable. With our cat containment systems owners are able to ensure the safety of their pet while giving them free access to an outside space. The cats have the best of both worlds and everyone is happy. Not everyone can have a cat containment system but there are some steps you can take to keep your pet indoors without the guilt. Read our tips, here.

    Our cat containment systems are now available to buy on finance. Contact us to learn more and find the right solution for you.